Simposium Internasional PPI Dunia 2017 is a prestigious annual event for The Overseas Indonesian Students Association Alliance (OISAA) that has been established since 2008. The Indonesian Students Association in the United Kingdom (PPI UK) has the privilege to host the 9th International Symposium and combine it with its own annual event, Indonesian Scholars International Convention (ISIC) to present the ISIC – SI 2017. This combined event is aimed to provide a medium for Indonesian students to exchange ideas, build a network and collaborate on personal, academic and professional level. This year, it will be hosted in a week-long event at The University of Warwick, one of the UK renown center of academic excellence and creative innovation. We will invite 1.500 students and researchers, including student leaders from 51 countries and five top public universities in Indonesia as official delegates, to participate in this event.

The theme “Accelerating Indonesia’s National Potential Towards 2030” was chosen because today, Indonesia is experiencing a demographic situation where the working population outnumber the non-working population. This phenomenon is expected to peak at 2030. Various sources including the McKinsey Global Institute has stated that this will be a demographic boost. It is certain that utilizing the phenomena will be a challenge if there is no adequate preparation from the country, most importantly from its own youth. Therefore we encourage the people of Indonesia to have the opportunity to understand what they can do to prepare themselves and their communities towards 2030, ensuring that Indonesia benefits from the demographic bonus. This theme also brings continuity from the theme of the previous OISAA International Symposium, which is “Strengthening Indonesia’s National Identity”.

This year, ISIC-SI is going to cater a number of pillars to accelerate Indonesia’s national potential, namely research and technology through academic presentations and working groups, creative economy through keynote speech, panel discussions, workshops, mini-concert and film screenings, as well as cultural immersion through a government-sponsored Indonesia weekend event.

Vision and Mission


  • To strengthen the impact with ISIC and SI together by accelerating Indonesia’s national potential towards 2030.


  • Bringing Indonesian Students and expertise from various background to share knowledge and ideas about the current obstacles that challenge Indonesia in creative economy industry.
  • Empowering youth to take part in developing Indonesia and provide Indonesian scholars opportunities to present their research in an international scale conference.
  • Promoting diversified culture to the international society.