Simposium Internasional is an annual event which has been commenced by The World Indonesian Student Association (PPI Dunia) since 2008. In order to strengthen the unity of Indonesian Scholars all over the world by contributing their thoughts, ideas and solutions in Indonesia’s development, this event has been relayed to each Indonesian Student Association in different countries. The Indonesian Students Association in United Kingdom (PPI UK) has been chosen to host the 9th Symposium International (SI) in 2017.

SI 2017 will invite Indonesian Students and expertise from various background to share knowledge and ideas about the current obstacles that challenge Indonesia in creative economy industry by providing the keynote presentations and panel session featuring prominent speakers in this area. For the purpose of “Accelerating Indonesia’s National Potential Towards 2030”, Si 2017 has decided to provide another sessions for entrepreneurs in creative economy industry.

SI 2017 will continue to hold the events collaborating with ISIC by preserving the commitment to support the academic environment in the whole event.